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Bob Thames has been a Certified Coach since 2009, and is trained in the Co-active Coaching model from Coaches Training Institute.

With over 40 years of experience in various leadership roles in sales (Nabisco, Kraft Foods, IBM, Digital) and consulting (SAS, KPMG LLP, Arthur Andersen) he helps clients get clarity on their dreams, talents, and priorities.

He is certified in Kolbe Conative Index®, a predictor of behaviors that come from our striving instincts, and a great tool for discovering and leveraging personal strengths. For the past 20 years, Bob has conducted Kolbe Leadership workshops to build synergistic high performance teams. 

He is also certified in a strategic exploration tool called The Implications Wheel, by Joel Barker. Bob is certified as a Discipleship Coach through Blueprint for Life.

Bob is passionate about helping people find their true self and align that authenticity with action toward becoming the best they can be. For more background, connect with him on LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/bobthames/ 

Pathways To Transformation Llc Authentic Leadership Training & business Coaching

​​Are you slogging through a career that is anything but fulfilling?  Are you excited and engaged in the work you do? Have you discovered your true calling in life? Have you considered business coaching?

Pathways to Transformation is a company that delivers executive education and leadership coaching. Our business coaching, in conjunction with authentic leadership training, helps individuals and teams take their performance to the next level.

Each of us comes into this world prewired with our genetic DNA and a bundle of talents and passions. How often are you able to use the ones given to you in the daily work you do?  As T.D. Jakes says in his book Instinct:  "Following our instincts can make the crucial distinction between what we are good at--our vocation or skill set-and what we are good for--the fulfillment of our potential."

Perhaps you have some idea of what your strengths are, but are looking for some validation. And...it's one thing to know what you are good at, yet another to truly leverage your talents in a way that keeps you fulfilled personally and successful professionally!  Is it time to step into a new YOU?